CNC Machine

The CNC machine I decided to build is the “Mostly Printed CNC Machine”. I found this machine on Thingiverse.

The first step is to decide what size you want to print it. I originally decided on a 24″x36″ printer but I’m thinking about making it only 24″x24″. I have a while to make that decision.

The Second step is buying some hardware. I was able to find all the bolts/nuts at Lowe’s and picked up 3 pieces of 3/4″ electrical conduit while I was there. I came home and cut the pieces, cleaned up the ends, and started printing parts.

Here’s a quick picture of the rest of the hardware that’s needed for the build (except for the bearings). If you look closely, you’ll see I have one extra bolt and the nuts are supposed to be Lock Nuts. Looks like another trip to Lowe’s is in order, but I have time.

After over 93 hours of printing, it was finally time to start finding a place to put this thing. I quickly slapped together a temporary platform and threw it on top of the table saw. The final platform will be made from MDF and made much more sturdy. This should be strong enough for initial testing and running a few small jobs on it.

Building the middle gantry took a bit of time staring at the build pictures on the website. It also helps if your main bolt is really 5″ instead of 4.5″. I used two open ended wrenches for tightening the bolts and nuts. The parts are a little too tight to try to get a ratchet in there. Luckily most of these bolts should never have to be tightened again.

After another long day of working in the garage, I have most of the hardware built. I had to redo a few parts once or twice due to little screw ups on my part, but it’s looking good now.

Still working on getting this thing going. Wiring is a PITA

Today I finished the build… mostly. I got the torsion box built and I got the router mounted. I even did my first cut. I made a 100mm square out of 3/4″ particle board.

When the Router came in, I took the time to remove the quick-change adapter from it. I had to use some small nuts as spacers when putting it back together as the bolts that hold the collet on bottom out otherwise.

The only thing I have left to do is make a spoiler board. I’ll leave that for another weekend. Lifting all the MDF to make the torsion box made my back hurt.