On-Call Sign


This was a fairly quick “throw something together” type project. We have a need at work for other departments to know who is designated as on-call when they come to our area.

I made this to mount on the edge of the cubical area. It allows us to simply slide our name badge into the slot for who’s on call that week.


  • 1/8″ & 1/16″ double-flute end mill
  • 40 in/min
  • .1″ DOC

This was the first part I cut that required a tool change. I used spring clamps on the X and Y axis to set my zero point. After the 1/8″ bit was done, I switch to a 1/16″ by dragging the gantry back to where it touched the spring clamps.

After about 2 hours of total cut time, the final parts were done being cut. I did notice that the cut path the router took was extremely inefficient. I wish I had caught that during the setup. I think the main part of the cut took twice as long as it should have. I glued up the pieces and verified it worked:

And after a little bit of painting, we had the following